Friday Night - 10:30pm to 11:15pm @ Downtown Artery | All Ages


13 Nails over the last year has become the band to keep your eyes and ears out for! From playing small bars to national even...ts 13 Nails brings a big show to the stage. Fast paced songs and surreal imagery the band is becoming an unstoppable force. They have shared the stage with Jason Charles Miller, Wayne Static, Saving Abel, Thira, Michale Graves formerly of the Misfits, Texas Hippie Coalition, Pop Evil, One Eyed Doll, John 5 and many others always leaving the crowd wanting more. Over the course of 2014 they have spent their time promoting the EP “Lights, Camera, Slaughter” with success. With 2015 looking like an even more promising year for the group a full album will be released late 2015.

13Nails was born on a stormy night in 2012 when Johnny got together with Grey Jones (guitar) and Joshenstein (bass), two musicians he had previously worked with on other projects. Wanting to create something new, not only to hear but to watch as well, Johnny started using his love of old horror movies to create gothic stories for the music they would write. Adding in drums the band finished a song called “From Hell” a Jack the Ripper inspired song. When that song came together they knew they had something epic for the people to hear. In 2013 the band went through a few drummers until 2015 when Mark Girard brought his unique drum style to the group. With a catalog of songs 13Nails decided to take the stage and wanted to bring the audience a show that people would remember. Adding in elements of classic horror vibe and look, the band developed its stage persona. Early on the band gained a following and strong presence with its unique blend of metal/punk and horror. 13Nails has become the band to keep an eye on in the scene.