Attack on Venus

Saturday Night - 10:30pm to 11:15pm @ Tap N Handle | 21+

Alternative Progressive Rock

With roots reaching back more than a decade, the Fort Collins, CO trio, Attack on Venus, though new in current form, boasts the nucleus of two local music veterans and one well traveled addition. Alan Hlavacek (Bass, Vocals) and Travis Mason (Guitar, Backup Vocals), not strangers to the local scene, have collaborated together in numerous projects over the years. Johnny Claiborne (Drums), a Colorado native who found himself bound for Brooklyn, New York by way of Phoenix, Arizona, finally landing back in northern Colorado, completes the band.
“100% of this band are songwriters. The music we started writing, i felt, was above anything else we’ve ever done” says Mason, “the energy was at a different level than it ever was before. We know what we’re good at.” “Everybody is always in it together” adds Hlavacek. Perhaps that is the reason why trying to figure out who to compare this band to is not an easy task. According to Hlavacek, “We are still in a state of progression. We are at a point where we’ve gotten really good at feeding off of each other and compromising, striving to come up with better stuff, to find another level.” “We’ve agreed not to set ourselves in a certain genre” mentions Claiborne, “ we want to have all different styles of songs so that we’re able to cater to our audience depending on the show.”
When you hear the songs that this band has released, as a listener, you can’t help but feel the range of emotion in the music. The sound is raw, heavily alternative, but with a current twist. It’s as if the heavyweights of the grunge era stood in line and took turns pummeling Katy Perry in her beautiful face, because they wanted her to be as hideous and foul as could be, only to realize that they were all actually best friends and then wrote songs together. In reality, “I don’t take influences anymore from what i like to listen to. It’s the things around me, stuff going on in my life, it’s more about the life experience” says Hlavacek. “They’re based on pure emotion” a reflective Travis Mason adds, “when you’re pissed off, songs are going to be heavier.”
All bands have common goals, and what Attack on Venus wants is no different from what any band wants. “We’re always going to play shows” says Johnny. “If someone can connect with what i do, or what we do, then we’ve accomplished what we wanted to,” adds Mason. Rest assured, Attack on Venus is a band that can deliver in the studio as well as throttle an audience with a high energy live show. This band of friends is always writing new material, constantly pushing each other to make that next step an easier one to take. When asked about the future, Alan Hlavacek conveys what he and his band mates have learned during their music rich lives: “really, it’s not about how far you take it, it’s about what you get out of it.”

Alan Hlavacek- vocals/bass
Travis Mason- guitar/vocals
Johnny Claiborne- Drums