Blind Alley Troubadours

Saturday Night - 8:00pm to 8:45pm @ Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar and Pub | 21+

moody uncle tupelo

Blind Alley Troubadours are a group of close-knit perpetual students aching to make a meaningful musical impact on Colorado; a group of musicians now learning to write and play WITH each other, despite gigging locally together for the past three years. A member change early last year brought new energy and insight to songwriting and arrangement. New songs were birthed, old drab songs revived, full of fervor. Fans of Uncle Tupelo, Sturgill Simpson, and Ryan Bingham should feel at home listening to the Troubadours. And most recently, elements of 60's funk and soul have been finding their place on the stage as well. Wherever evolution may take the Blind Alley Troubadours you will never find their stage lacking substance nor love, because come hell or high water, Thursday night they'll all be back together for rehearsal, bonfire, and beers.