The Covz

Friday Night - 11:45pm to 1:30am @ The Whisk(e)y | 21+

Powerful / Uplifting / Tasty

It's hard to believe two people could bolster the roaring array of sound and melodies that the Schroff brothers deliver. Inseparable since birth, the duo has found a way to intertwine intimate, contemplative lyrics into haunting, ear catching arrangements that underscore their mantra of youth and vulnerability. Heart-soaked and introspective, the Covz' honesty and authenticity is inviting and reveals the brother's lifetime of musical and emotional synchrony. 
Born and raised in Southern California, showmanship and individuality have been ingrained since their childhood. From dramatic touchdown celebrations to motorcycle races, the two standouts have been engaged in a lifetime of sibling competition in their pursuit to get the best of each other. The pair combined their relentless drive and eccentricity into a mutual pursuit to create a soundtrack to their rollercoaster lives.
Inspired by engaging acts such as Snow Patrol, The Smiths, Counting Crows and Damien Rice. Born from sand, salt water, and savvy, the Schroff brothers constantly push their musical boundaries and their pursuits leave us with catchy tracks that you can't help but sing along to.

Ian Schroff & Josiah Schroff