The Dead Jam House Band

Saturday Night - 7:00pm to 7:45pm @ The Colorado Room | 21+

Crunchy - Dancey - Meticulous

The Dead Jam House Band was founded in January of 2012 when Fort Collins music scene veteran, Dan Loiz was asked to host a Grateful Dead themed open jam at a small venue by a friend and local business owner. Co-founder, Graham Miller joined the band at this time. The jam became successful, consisting partially of prepared and practiced sets by the House Band, as well as open jam sessions where other like-minded musicians could bring their instruments and perform together. Over time the attendance for this event grew, but the venue eventually had to close. At that time, Loiz was contacting by the booking agent for Avogadro’s Number and asked to bring the event there. The first Dead Jam at Avogadro’s was in September of 2013. Once at Avogadro’s, the attendance nearly tripled. Ever since, Dead Jam’s success has allowed it to survive as a monthly event.
Though The Dead Jam House Band has included members no longer in the band, its current configuration is: Dan Loiz (guitar & vocals), Graham Miller (guitar & vocals), Kenny Bunch (bass), Kate Hartman (keyboards & vocals), Nicki Alves (vocals), and Matt Poland (drums & vocals). The youngest member is currently 25 years old, and the oldest is 40. Though the Dead Jam House Band is primarily a Grateful Dead cover band, it frequently plays covers from bands of related genre, as well as originals. The band prides itself on high-octane jams, rich vocal harmonies, and covering literally the entire Grateful Dead repertouir. Other local venues at which the band has performed over the years include, the Aggie Theater, Equinox, Paddler’s Pub, Washington’s, and FunkWerks. The band has shared the stage with members of local favorites as Musketeer Gripweed, Dead Floyd, Switchmans Sleepin’, Stella Luce, Cowboy’s Dead, Colony Funk, Muscular Housecat, and various others.