Devin Doucet And The Derailers

Friday Night - 8:15pm to 9:00pm @ The Colorado Room | 21+

Howling Country Blues

Devin Doucet and The Derailers is a one man band from Boston, MA and currently resides in Fort Collins. With an old racing stripe suitcase from NY circa 1950, an anvil made from a railroad track that he pummels with an old blacksmith hammer, and chains stomping on his left foot.. Devin features slide guitar, banjo and fingerpicking country blues. Devins songs are homegrown.. about the upliftment of the human spirit while also encompassing the roots of delta blues and the everlasting search for the soul. Devin bellows along with his Derailers.. a dark and heartfelt howl. 

Influences range from Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, Willie Nelson, Willy Tea Taylor, Tom Waits, Brown Bird, William Elliott Whitmore, Otis Redding, and Django Reinhardt.