Eef and the Blues Express

Saturday Night - 9:15pm to 10:00pm @ Avogadro's Number | All Ages

groovy soulful dynamic

This band rocks! This is a very dynamic 5-piece, fronted by Eef, the tall-Dutch-girl-with-the-red-guitar. Eef came to the US in 1999 and started visiting the jams at the CO Feed and Grain in Timnath (remember that one? :) ). Not before long she was playing shows left and right and up and down the front range. In 2008, Eef started touring the South, and not long after started her own band Eef and the Blues Express. They quickly established themselves as one of the leading blues bands on the Colorado scene, representing the CBS and the PPBC in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN.. Eef and the band have recorded 4 albums and their music can be heard on radio stations across the US and far beyond. This band is cool!