Equally Challenged

Friday Night - 8:00pm to 8:45pm @ Prost Brewing Company | 21+

Rock Songwriter Groove

Equally Challenged (EQC) has always put songcraft, vocal harmony, and pocket groove first and foremost. EQC's sound ranges from a singer-songwriter style, through americana three-part harmonies, and landing on a fat, back-beat of rock, funk, and world rhythms. With 5 songwriters among them, EQC brims with original music, supporting two full length albums, an EP and countless serendipitous live recordings. Yeah, they cover songs...but the spin they put to other's music is all their own, and it's a welcome and authentic tritbute always.

As their name suggests, EQC is challenged with serving a single audience, and have crafted their performances to adapt to the vibe of the room (or patio.) Whether it's the happy-hour crowd of mom's and dad's needing somewhere wholesome to bring the kids and get a beer, or the adventerous late night crowd, looking for an authentic entertainment experience right in their favorite spot, EQC values what their listeners want, and delivers.

Jesse Turner, Paul Maley, and Dan Kozlowski are stalwarts of the Northern Colorado music scene, each entering their third decade contributing to such bands as Fatty Jenkins, Zydeco Zombies, and Delicious Hotdogs. Garrett Evans (ex: The Holler!) and Ian Wurst (ex: Bourbon Toothpaste) form the kind of rhythm section envied by musicians and appreciated on the dance floor. Together EQC create authentic music, with the kind of sophisticated simplicity that sits right with listeners.