The Great Aerodrome

Friday Night - 7:45pm to 8:30pm @ Surfside 7 | 21+

Sexy Dance Punk

The Great Aerodrome is an energetic three-piece Fort Collins based dance-punk band which formed in mid 2015. Founding members Justin Maul (Nautical Mile, The Ghosts of Verona) and Philip Shellabarger (The Watchwood) were joined by drummer Michael Ross (Hallowed Oak). Michael Ross left the band in 2016 in order to focus on his true passion; being a librarian. In Michael's place, Austin Rosen (formerly of Justin Maul's previous band Nautical Mile) took over, matching perfectly with TGA's style, speed, and ambitious songwriting.
Combining the standard rock band elements such as guitar (Justin Maul), bass (Philip Shellabarger) and drums (Austin Rosen) with synths, samples, programmed electronic accompaniment, trumpet, and more, has resulted in a sound which enriches and expands TGA’s music beyond the narrow scope of most modern rock acts. Justin Maul and Philip Shellabarger team up as dual frontmen, each lending their individual vocal/songwriting skills, and bringing thoughtful harmonies and catchy melodies into the mix. The band thrives on danceable beats, epic soundscapes, and an energetic punk rock edge that remains accessible to a broad audience of varied musical tastes. The group has been compared to artists such as Minus the Bear, At The Drive-in, Bloc Party, The Rapture, and the Moving Units.
The Great Aerodrome released their debut album “Like Mortar Into the Potomac” in the summer of 2015, and are currently in the process of recording their sophomore album which they intend to release around summer 2017.

Justin Maul - Guitar / Lead Vocals / Synth
Michael Ross - Drums
Phillip Shellabarger - - Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals / Synth / Trumpet