The Jamesons Duo

Saturday Night - 3:15pm to 4:00pm @ Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House | All Ages

Mood-Boosting Americana

“Take a hint of bluegrass, add some country spice, a dash of witty wordplay and even a bit of Brooklyn – and cover the whole concoction with love. The Jamesons are always a treat, and they’ve made me a committed groupie.” – Dallas Heltzell
The Jamesons Duo – Paul Kiteck and Sharon Glassman – play upbeat Americana originals and classics with a sunny bluegrass twist.
Paul's a Kentucky native who's played fiddle with bands including The Bluegrass Patriots.
Sharon's a Brooklyn journalist turned Colorado singer-songwriter inspired by Johnny Mercer, Cindy Walker, and Paul's collection of classic bluegrass recordings.
Together, The Jamesons Duo entertains audiences with their mood-boosting originals, fine instrumentation and signature spin on jazz classics, a mandolin-fueled medley of 70s pop hits; Sam Bush, Bill Monroe and more.
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