Meadowlark Jivin

Saturday Night - 6:45pm to 7:30pm @ High Point Bar | 21+

Funky jazz poetics

Meadowlark Jivin’ started spreading its musical wings 20 years back in '97. The band’s sound is a melting pot cooked up with a healthy helping of old school Nawlins funk, a dash of Steely Dan, a splash of roots reggae, a cup of hip-hop and a few tablespoons of Memphis soul. Founder Brian Hull has been the band’s principal songwriter since its beginnings. Hull began writing funky and soulful compositions in the early 1990's when he formed the band Ezra's Poundcake. Meadowlark Jivin has released three discs “Have You Ever Seen Meadowlark Jivin” (2000) and “It’s the Groove” (2003) and their third, and most recent self-produced disc “Soul Connection” (2013).

Their latest disc “Soul Connection” is their most ambitious and eclectic yet. Recorded at NFA Studios in Denver, mixed and produced by bassist Jim Abraham; the album blends old school funk, blues, Latin jazz, reggae, West African Hi-Life, and a healthy dose of experimental forays into uncharted territory. Keyboardist Adam Bodine brings his distinctive jazz and soulful playing into the mix and local legend funk drummer Eric Imbrosciano keeps the grooves solid. Hull, an expatriate in France from 2003-2006, weaves his globetrotting into the album’s poetry. Get your passports ready and put your dancing shoes on as we embark on a sonic journey from Toulouse to Ougadougou to Nawlins, Louisiana and a few places in between. Meadowlark is still on the wing.