Saturday Night - 10:30pm to 11:15pm @ R Bar and Lounge | 21+

Electric Folk Trio

With a style that blends Spanish-influenced guitar with the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, Montropo crafts memorable songs that span the range of folk and rock music. Andrés Diaz, lead singer and guitarist, began playing music at just eleven years old, borrowing his sister's guitar in Temple, TX where he was born. He spent time studying guitar performance at UT Austin before moving to Denver in the mid-2000s. Diaz then spent two years writing, refining and recording the songs on Montropo's debut album, Follow Me (2015), which was recorded at Silo Sound and Consonance Productions. Montropo's music isn't just a time capsule of 60s and 70s music, it's a fresh synthesis of ideas. The gentle waltz of A Woman so Kind calls up the kind of meditation that you find in The Beatles' Norwegian Wood, while Cathedral demonstrates Diaz's classical influence with haunting, intricate guitar work. Throughout the album, he expresses himself not just with his guitar but also his voice, a vulnerable tenor matched with melodies and harmonies that stick with you long after you hear them. Montropo's music explores a range of feelings and ideas, from the surreal, dreamy spiritual loss of album opener Follow Me to the uplifting solidarity of Brother