Ragged Union

Friday Night - 10:30pm to 11:30pm @ Avogadro's Number | All Ages

world class bluegrass

With a love of the traditional elements of the bluegrass sound (duet and trio singing, highly skilled performance, and a robust rhythmic drive), and a craving for doing something just a little bit different with the lyrics and arrangements, Ragged Union has carved out its own increasingly recognized space in the crowded Colorado field, and has been busy expanding the reach of their sound onto the national stage.
Formed in the winter of 2014, Ragged Union quickly became a fixture in the Colorado bluegrass scene, earning fans among both the younger and older audience sets, with an all-star lineup of some of the state’s finest pickers and the dynamic front duo of husband-and-wife, Geoff and Christina Union. The band’s sound is built around the Unions’ original songs, with a blues influence and a connection to the Texas songwriting tradition. The music comes to life in the electrifying hands of some of Colorado’s finest and most sought-after bluegrass musicians, including 2016 National Mandolin Champion, Jordan Ramsey, former Spring Creek Banjo wizard, Chris Elliott, and fiddle maestro, Justin Hoffenberg who along with the Unions form a dynamic and cohesive unit that puts on a memorable and exciting show for dancers, listeners, traditionalists and progressives alike.