Saphyre Rain

Saturday Night - 6:45pm to 7:30pm @ The Whisk(e)y | 21+

Inviting, Inspiring, Hopeful

The 21st century sees the human race facing a suicide epidemic and raging self harm statistics.  Open any newspaper, watch any nightly news report and you're surrounded with stories of addiction, abuse, neglect, fear, and pain.  In your heart, you ask all the hard questions  –  Is this darkness taking over?  
Saphyre Rain wants to remind the world that hope is alive.
Saphyre Rain is husband and wife team, Austin and Amanda Harras.  Spending the last few months creating their debut EP Break the Cycle with producer Nick Sullivan, the duo has crafted a cutting rock sound that is inviting and inspiring.  
Located in Northern Colorado, the two co-compose their material, with Austin as drummer and Amanda as vocalist/guitars.  Set for release in February 2016, Break the Cycle EP (single Live) is characterized by driving metallic beats, dark guitar-riff tonality, and sincere melodic colors. 
“Our generation is at a huge risk.  There are so many kids out there who want to make a difference in our world, and we all struggle with pain in one form or another.  Now is the time to fight back.  Each and every one of us is making a difference in our world; we do have the power to change it for the better”, says Saphyre Rain.
The vision behind Saphyre Rain is to tell our generation of the light, through music.  We want every person that we come into contact with to know:  you are loved, your life is precious, and your story is a critical element to the future.