The Seen and Unseen

Saturday Night - 7:00pm to 7:45pm @ Drunken Monkey | 21+

Heavy indy folk (sweater rock)

he seen and unseen is a five piece rock band with catchy vocals, heavy drums, grooving bass, acoustic rhythm guitar, and leads on electric guitar and keys who balance eachother well. Each person in the band has been playing for 15+ years and have experience playing in several bands. Their chemistry with eachother is so natural that you'd think they've been playing together for years. Seeing them play together is an experience everyone should have. This is their second year playing this event and was also recently featured in Scene Magazine's Fresh Talent Showcase. They Just recently released their new single "Tin Man" recorded at the Artery in Fort Collins with Josh Schoenig from Shatterproof. 
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