Sour Boy, Bitter Girl

Saturday Night - 8:00pm to 8:45pm @ Downtown Artery | All Ages

Sad Happy Confused

Sour Boy, Bitter Girl is Colorado song-writer Benjamin "Bev Buttle" Buttice's indie rock catastrophe, forged in the hell-fires of Fort Collins' gritty south side in combination with scores upon scores of Fort Collins players (talented and otherwise) but sturdied at it's epic height by a strong central cast. Namely the shapely and oh-so-lovely Mitchell "Mike Kellogg" Keller and seven-foot-tall-and-prettier-than-them-all Alex "Albert Basil" Bailey. Often joined by friends (Chris "Christian Lubb" Love) and family (Dominic "Don Buttle" Buttice) and randos (Zack "Mark-Paul Gosselaar" Morris) Sour Boy, Bitter Girl is guaranteed to be a hoot and a half, restoring your faith in humanity and, more importantly, yourself. One Love and Gosh Bless.