Square Peg

Friday Night - 6:45pm to 7:30pm @ Poudre Keg | 21+

spontaneous, fun, engaging

My name is Shilo Stroman and I'm the leader/composer of Square Peg. We've been together since 2008 and we were formed for my graduate recital. Since then, the group has performed often and pride ourselves on providing exciting live shows that push the limits of improvisational music. The group has a diverse listening palette ranging from John Cage, old school funk, modern pop and 60s Blue Note records. This diversity adds to the adventurous nature in our performances and nothing is off the table! Like most musicians, I'm often asked what kind of music is my favorite. I always answer American music. I realize this in itself has a large range including Charles Ives, Hank Williams, Art Blakey and Wilco. However, I believe you can hear a common thread in all of these artists and I'm trying to keep that spirit going. Still searching.................but wouldn't have it any other way.