Thin Air Crew

Friday Night - 5:45pm to 6:30pm @ Drunken Monkey | 21+

Fun,Energy, Suprising

Coming out of Fort Collins, the Thin Air Crew is composed of MC's Dan "DMFC" Colson and  Andrew " A. Will" Williams as well as beatslayer/producer/DJ Luke "L.A." Rose. Dan and Luke fell into hip-hop at early ages while studying percussion and bumping to the likes of J-5 and Nas, and started writing their own rhymes to go with the beat. Now they are spitting fire to both old school and original beats, with the goal to get Colorado Hip-Hop on the map while progressing with their own lyrics and sound. Andrew was added to the group in its later years after living in the same neighborhood as Luke and Dan and constantly working on collaborations.