vee device

Saturday Night - 4:30pm to 5:15pm @ Equinox Brewing | All Ages

Indie Pop

Victory At Sea is vee device's comeback album. But it's a comeback for a band that never went anywhere. Bedrooms, attics, and basements have cradled their compositions from the beginning. When it comes to making music, they rarely leave the confines of their homes, and even more rarely do they leave their hometown of Fort Collins, Colo. And so, what business do these hyperlocalists have in releasing an album full of songs about far-flung islands? Let’s just say they have an appreciation for the geographic-rootedness that island life engenders.
When the walkable world is bounded by a shoreline measurable in double-digits, its entirety visible from an island’s highpoint, it breeds an empathy of place. That intimate connection to the landscape can function as a feedback-loop, amplifying and focusing everything that exists within its boundaries. It is through the lens of location that we experience life most acutely.
In one way, the songs on Victory At Sea are protests against the tyranny of place. But they simultaneously celebrate it by reminding us that even the forgotten corners of the earth are harbors for our humanity. Take the slow-building opener, “St. Paul/Belle Fourche,” which meanders from Ile St. Paul in the Indian Ocean to its antipodal point in Colorado, then northward to the coal beds of Wyoming. It is a song that serves as a sort of manifesto for why vee device are writing island songs in the first place—there are stories to be told for every overlooked character, every dot on a map. Whether it’s lead single “Gotland/Cape Verde” and the only documented case of Baltic Sea piracy in modern times; “Faroe (#187)” and the miracle victory of the 187th-ranked Faroe Islands soccer team over the Greeks; or “Tuvalu” with its defiance in the face of rising seas; despite their small canvas, each song manages to tap into some shared element of human experience.
A lot has happened in the seven years since the band’s last release, but vee device have made a triumphant return with a record for all seasons. These landlocked wayfarers, more comfortable with armchair travel than its physical counterpart, have charted a sonic archipelago worthy of exploration and have claimed a victory from the sea for all of us.