Vertical Arrays

Saturday Night - 8:15pm to 9:00pm @ Drunken Monkey | 21+

Loud Guitar Rock

The boys from Vertical Arrays have been rocking Colorado together in various forms since their teenage years in the 90s. After taking a break for a few years, childhood friends Jason Sharp and brothers Kirk and Cameron Alberts reformed as Vertical Arrays in 2012. Kirks driving bass paired with Cameron's thunderous drumming and Jason's fuzzy guitar blankets created the heavy-edged, melodic sound they had been honing for years. In 2014 the band expanded their sonic pallette by adding a second guitarist. Ex-bandmate Myke Fedyk rejoined the band, relocating from Seattle, where he had been involved in several bands as well as engineering and producing. Myke's lead guitar melodies were just what was needed to complete the sonic canvas. The result is a energetic blend of guitar-driven alternative and post rock that harkens back to a time when electric guitar wizards ruled the land. The band is also staunchly DIY and incorporate audio samples, video projection and their own flood lighting for a memorable live experience.