FAQs - Attendees

If children are attending the festival itself and going to venues, they do need a wristband no matter how young they are, as they would still be counted towards legal occupancy at the venues. Wristbands are required for all venues, including all-ages venues, the museum, and, any non-childrens' programming. Wristbands for children are the same price as those for adults because, as part of our mission, we're trying to pay the artists fairly for playing.

There is one venue for family programming that will be free during the first part of Saturday, no wristbands required, which is at Fusion. Please see the artist schedule for more information on the family programming.


Wristbands ($35) are on sale NOW through March 31 on the Tickets page! Or you can pay cash between now and the Thursday before the festival at Rock ‘N’ Robin’s.

(Or get one for free by becoming one of our volunteers!) 

Wristbands purchased online will be available at the ticket sales / Will Call booth at FVC Mesh (formerly Galvanize) in Old Town at 242 Linden St. during FoCoMX. 

The following venues will sell tickets DURING the festival:

  • The Will Call booth in Old Town, outside FVC Mesh (formerly Galvanize) at 242 Linden St will be open Friday 4/22 and Saturday  4/23 from noon to 11 PM, taking cash or credit card payments. Will Call is also the only place during the festival to pick up wristbands you purchased online.

  • A limited number of  other physical wristband sales locations may be available, but Will Call is always your best bet with the most payment options. 

Credit and debit cards will of course work online, ($25 from March 1-March 31, $35 April 1-April 27). 

Cash or credit are accepted at Will Call during the festival. 

Only cash will be accepted for wristbands at Rock 'N' Robin's (April 1-April 23), or at the door of the limited number of venues selling wristbands during FoCoMX.

Please don't count on it! We sell wristbands at only a couple of our outlying venues (Aggie, Odell and Avo's), but there is always a chance that venue will run out of the very short supply they are given. 

We recommend you buy your wristband before the festival, or during FoCoMX at Will Call (cash or credit). 

Want a free wristband?

Please note that you CANNOT pick up your Will Call wristband at the door of any venue. Will Call in Old Town is the only place during the festival to get a wristband purchased online. Open noon-11pm both Friday and Saturday.

YES! Your wristband is what gets you in the door at all the venues for both nights. They’re made of a durable cloth, can be worn for multiple days, and will even survive in the shower.

The wristband allows you entry to any venue that is participating in FoCoMX. It is not a guaranteed entry however, as maximum occupancy of venues are enforced by the city fire marshal. If there is a particular show you want to see, we encourage you to arrive at that venue early to ensure your entry.

See the Venues page for a listing of venues and their age restrictions. This information is also available in the Schedule for each event.

The Will Call booth in Old Town (in front of FVC Mesh on Linden St.) will be open from 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM on both Friday and Saturday.

Will Call will be set up in front of FVC Mesh (formerly Galvanize), 242 Linden St., in Old Town. Will Call is the only place during the festival to get a wristband purchased online.