Volunteer Job Descriptions

These are general descriptions of the jobs available for volunteers; sign up begins 3/6!

  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS/STAGE MANAGER: Some venues need a logistically minded person to assist with keeping the shows on schedule. This may include helping bands load-in, keeping track of time, and helping bands with questions they may have.
  • DOOR PEOPLE: We are looking for people to assist at the door, you will be looking for wristbands at every venue. A few of the venues will be selling wristbands (you must have previous FoCoMX door experience for these venues) YOU WILL NOT BE CHECKING IDS.
  • EMCEES: Not shy? Know some good jokes? Have the inside scoop on a local band? This may be the perfect job for you. We're looking for one person on each stage to announce the bands, give shout outs to the sponsors, and do the occasional giveaway. Emcees will also be asked to assist the door person between announcements.
  • GREEN ROOM: Assistance in the green room will entail anything from setup to smooth operation to takedown. The staff at Snooze AM Eatery (this year’s Greenroom location) will be handling the service of food and alcoholic beverages, but there will be plenty need for our Greenroom volunteers to make sure things are where they need to be and serve as a go-between for Greenroom guests and Snooze staff. If you sign up for this shift, be ready to do whatever is asked of you (within reason, of course!)
  • TICKET/INFORMATION BOOTH: In an effort to keep lines down at the venues, this year there will be 1 location in Fort Collins to purchase wristbands during the festival. We need responsible individuals to provide information and sell wristbands. You will be handling money, so we're looking for extremely honest and trustworthy people to handle this responsibility.
  • FLOATERS/RUNNERS: We will have floaters/runners scheduled for each 'Zone' and a floater who is mobile and able to travel around town as needed. The zones are within Downtown, the Breweries on the east side of town, and Campus West.  Floaters will be on their feet all night and need to remain mobile and alert.  Wear clothing that is weather appropriate.
  • FoCoMX PREP: The week of the festival April 15-19th we will need help getting it all together. Admin and strong organizational skills are helpful. These shifts are longer than other shifts, but they will allow you to see all of the festival! There are a limited number available, so if you want one, sign up for it soon!